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Autoglym Tar Remover



Autoglym Tar Remover is a powerful solvent for the removal of tar and adhesives from all interior and exterior surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Removes tar and contact adhesives
  • Safe to use on all interior and exterior surfaces
  • Easy sprayable application
  • Makes vehicle cleaning easier by removing stubborn tar and adhesives
  • The perfect additional detail to enhance your customers’ experience
  • Acts quickly on problems such as chewing gum and import stickers, saving time and effort
  • No risk of damage to vehicle surfaces

Instructions for using Autoglym Tar Remover

  • Shake well. Test on an inconspicuous area before use.
  • Apply to the affected area using a trigger spray (for paintwork) or cloth (for interiors).
  • Leave for up to 5 minutes. For interior use, agitate the surface to break down the contaminant.
  • Wipe with the Autoglym Microfibre Cloth or the Autoglym Chamois.
  • For interiors clean with Autoglym Interior Cleaner.

For professional use only

Safety Data Sheet


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