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Autoglym Car Shampoo



Autoglym Car Shampoo is a concentrated detergent for the removal of traffic film and contaminants from automotive bodywork.

Features and Benefits

  • High foaming
  • Safe pH neutral formulation
  • Easily removes traffic film and dirt
  • Concentrated
  • High foam clings to traffic film and dirt to leave a clean finish
  • Fragrance enhances customer experience
  • pH neutral formulation minimises risk of damage to vehicle
  • Concentrated to maximise profitability

Instructions for using Autoglym Car Shampoo

  • Shake well. Dilute using 1 part Shampoo to approximately 125 parts clean water.
  • Sponge onto the bodywork starting from the top and working downwards to ensure dirt is removed efficiently.
  • Try not to let the solution dry onto the bodywork.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For professional use only

Safety Data Sheet


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