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Super Clean Sanitiser



Super Clean Sanitiser is a dual-purpose, concentrated, heavy duty sanitising cleaner. Its powerful, low-foaming formulation is ideal for use on heavily soiled vehicle interiors and a variety of vehicle surfaces inside and out, including: paint, plastic, fabric and vinyl.

Features and Benefits

  • Anti-Viral Sanitiser – Kills viruses, including Coronavirus – Passes EN 14476
  • Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser – Kills 99.999% Bacteria – Passes EN 1276
  • Dual-purpose cleaner & sanitiser
  • Interior & Exterior use
  • Ideal for heavily soiled interiors
  • Safe on paint, plastic, fabric & vinyl
  • Super Clean Sanitiser meets the current, and expected future need to sanitise vehicle surfaces, protecting you, your staff, and your customers as business returns to normal.
  • EN certified formulation provides independent reassurance that Super Clean Sanitiser has passed testing which measures bacteria eradication performance.
  • Can be used on all vehicle surfaces, inside and out, making Super Clean Sanitiser extremely versatile.
  • 999% bacteria kill rate is a reassuring and independently validated statistic to provide peace of mind for your valeting/detailing.

Instructions for use

  • Shake product well. Dilute 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water. Always pre-test colour fastness of upholstery before use.
  • Apply sparingly with a fine spray. Gently agitate interior surfaces with a brush or interior sponge to aid cleaning.
  • Wipe surfaces clean with a damp cloth or¬†Autoglym AquaDry. Contact time of 2 minutes is required for anti-bacterial and/or anti-viral action to take place.

Anti-viral action is effective at 1:10 dilution. For use via shampoo vacuum equipment, dilute at 1:20 to produce a low foaming, super cleaning performance.

Important: Use only as directed.
Do not allow product to dry on surfaces. Do not use on leather or interior screens e.g. satnav screens.

Safety Data Sheet


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