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Silicone Free Plastic Conditioner



Restores the appearance of external rubber and plastic mouldings.

Features and Benefits

  • Silicone free, streak free formulation imparts deep even finish
  • Restores and protects external trim
  • Water repellent
  • Can produce a high gloss or natural finish depending on preference
  • Suitable for use in silicone free environments e.g. bodyshops
  • Protects trim and prevents dirt build up to make future cleaning easier
  • Ensures a clean, flawless finish to increase customer satisfaction
  • Ease of use speeds up valeting process improving profitability

Instructions for use

  • Remove any traffic film from the surface using a silicone free detergent if necessary.
  • Shake well. Ensure surface is dry before use.
  • Apply liberally using a lint free cloth or sponge, ensuring an even coverage across the surface.
  • Allow to dry.

For professional use only

Safety Data Sheet

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