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Screenwash Super Strength



Super concentrated all season screenwash.

Features and Benefits

  • Smear free window cleaner
  • Ensures clear vision all year round in all weather conditions
  • Improves wiper action
  • Safe to use on paint and trim
  • Highly concentrated for seasonal versatility
  • Works effectively down to -25C
  • Effective upselling opportunity to generate additional income
  • Can be offered as a free add on to enhance customer experience
  • Highly dilutable and cost effective to maximise profitability

Refer to the dilution table below:

Dilution Air Temperature
Maximum dilution 1:15 -1˚C
Optimum Clean 1:9 -3˚C
Winter 1:4 -6˚C
Severe Winter 1:2 -14˚C
Extreme Winter 1:1 -25˚C
Very Extreme Winter 1:0 -45˚C

For professional use only

Safety Data Sheet

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