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Autoglym Clean All



Autoglym Clean All is an essential, versatile and cost effective cleaner for all interior and exterior surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi purpose, ideal for use on all interior and exterior vehicle surfaces
  • Powerful cleaner
  • Concentrated
  • Attractive citrus fragrance
  • Highly cost effective to maximise profitability
  • Product versatility offers maximum value for money
  • Dilutes to suit your requirements or application type
  • Use of TFR as a pre-spray before shampoo removes dangerous contaminants minimising the risk of paintwork damage

Instructions for using Autoglym Clean All

  • Pre-test all interior fabrics for colour fastness before use.
  • Dilute according to the table on pack.
  • For exterior use, apply evenly to the vehicle starting with lower areas. Do not allow product to dry. Rinse off using high pressure water.
  • For interior use, apply with hand spray and agitate with sponge or brush. Wipe off with a damp cotton cloth.

For professional use only

Safety Data Sheet


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