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Interior Cleaner and Sanitiser


Cleans, sanitises and freshens carpets, fabric upholstery, leather and plastics.

Getting in a clean car not only feels great, but it helps you focus on the drive ahead. Interior Cleaner & Sanitiser quickly and easily removes stubborn stains, kills 99.999% of bacteria and kills enveloped viruses including Coronavirus, Flu, SARS and H1N1.

Instructions for use

  • Vacuum the interior thoroughly.
  • Shake well. Always pre-test colour fastness of surfaces before use.
  • For hard surfaces spray on, agitate if necessary, leave for 2 minutes, then then wipe over with a damp Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry.
  • For fabric surfaces spray lightly and agitate with a clean cloth or firm sponge, leave for 2 minutes then wipe over with a damp Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry.
  • For leather spray onto a clean microfibre cloth and wipe the surface clean, leave for 2 minutes, then wipe over with a damp Hi-Tech Aqua-Dry.
  • To remove oil, ink or pen marks, use Intensive Tar Remover (not on leather) & follow up with Interior Cleaner & Sanitiser.

Important: Take care not to saturate digital display screens. Spray directly on to a soft cloth and then wipe the area.

Ensure any over-spray is removed immediately and never allow the product to dry.

Use only as directed.

This ready to use product is unsuitable for further dilution.

Protect from low temperatures and frost.

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